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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Possible biological bastardness of two presidents

     Information on recent Facebook post, linked article, and comments are a condensation of much study over three years or so. Links and a few words added. More links and info available for those interested.
     Answers below: "I don’t understand why the Governor doesn’t just say ’snap it up . . . send me a copy right now.’ And why doesn’t the President just say ’send me a copy right now.’ Why doesn’t Gibbs and Axelrod say ‘let’s just get this crappy story dead.’" http://bit.ly/hkn4QQ
     [From above link:] “Chris Matthews: Why Doesn’t Obama Say ‘Send Me A Copy’ Of My Birth Certificate Right Now | The debate over President Obama's birth certificate is gaining some renewed interest. First Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie announced that he will try to publicly release the document, and now MSNBC host Chris Matthews is wondering aloud why we can't just kill this crappy story.”
‎     Answer #1. He just does it to annoy everyone and to further inflame divisions. He actually wants to re-distribute and increase misery. The universality of his hatred is remarkable. http://bit.ly/hlgwOn
     ‎Answer #2. Date, not place, of birth has been concealed. http://bit.ly/faQ8AU Date would rule out BHO Sr. as father. Probable father: his later mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, card-carrying Communist, pornographer, womanizer, onetime Chicago community organizer, etc. http://bit.ly/fppMmC
     ‎Answer #3. Non-Honolulu birth. Long shot. In order of decreasing probability: Washington State, Canada, Zanzibar, Kenya. Birthers are right to detect massive rottenness, but they lack facts and hard study and analysis needed to penetrate multiple layers of fraud, spin, and statist conspiracy. http://bit.ly/faQ8AU
     We seem to have more information about Obama's possible fathers than about the father of our last Democratic president. A fellow named Blythe was on the birth certificate, http://bit.ly/eLnma6 but Blythe was in Italy at the time of conception. http://bit.ly/igSnlW Exit question: Is it bias or patriotism that keeps our elite media ignorant of the possible biological bastardness of two presidents?


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