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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Impeachment is for offenses in governance

Nonsense. Impeachment is for offenses in governance, not criminal offenses. Egregious mal-, mis-, and/or non-feasance in office characterize impeachable. high crimes and misdemeanors. Obama topped the impeachable list after the first month or two in office. "Impeaching judges to redress political grievances would trigger a political circus that would paralyze government and undermine courts." http://wapo.st/f9eeK5
Defying the moral position of the people is malfeasance not politics. "Last fall, Iowa voters ousted three high-court justices over a unanimous 2009 ruling permitting same-sex marriage. But the organizers behind that effort don't want to stop there - they've vowed to impeach and remove the court's four remaining justices, who weren't up for election in November." ibid. http://wapo.st/f9eeK5


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