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Monday, January 03, 2011

Literally filthy actually:

Literally filthy actually: 'There is nothing "good" or "holy" about anal sex. [Christians] must remain vigilant and keep telling the truth even if it means being screamed at' http://bit.ly/guV1mv
"Gay is okay" is the real anti-gay hate: 'What "known falsehoods" are [Christians] spreading...that anal sex is dangerous to your health, that more gay men commit suicide than straight men? That they have higher incidences of alcoholism and depression than straight folk? It was homosexuals in the Catholic priesthood (men having sex with young men aged 11-17), not pedophiles, as is falsely reported, that has brought down cardinals, bishops and sent dioceses into bankruptcy,' ibid. http://bit.ly/guV1mv
Freedom vs. protected self-destruction: "If free speech and free religion rights of Christian chaplains and troops are not protected, then the military is not ready to certify or implement [letting gays out of the closet], and will quickly begin to persecute good people of Christian conscience." ibid. http://bit.ly/guV1mv
Spin marches on: "the highly funded, well-oiled gay PR machine did a brilliant job conning the masses into believing that their behavior, which shortens men's lives and can cause premature death, has worked its way into the warp and woof of American culture" ibid. http://bit.ly/guV1mv


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