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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Obama has company.

Obama has company. Infanticide okay with Phila. doctor. "He didn’t understand, however, the seven other counts—the first-degree charges for the deaths of seven babies delivered alive and then killed in his clinic." http://bit.ly/ehGC4j
“Pennsylvania is not a third-world country,” the grand jury felt compelled to insist in its brutal 261-page report, and it’s a bad sign when you have to preface your description of an American medical office with those words. But this was a story of rooms sticky with the remains of old placenta and fetuses, reeking of urine and feces from the cats that wandered freely through the building, echoing with the screams of women forced into labor and then abandoned for hours.' ibid. http://bit.ly/ehGC4j
"Pennsylvania may not be a third-world country, but its abortion mills—like those in most other states—really are reminiscent of one: free and independent entities, uniquely exempt from supervision and regulation, carved out from the rest of medicine. Every other kind of doctor is weighed down by record-keeping and inspection requirements. Abortionists alone are free." ibid. http://bit.ly/ehGC4j


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