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Friday, January 07, 2011

Obama's lawlessness:

Obama's lawlessness: "But at times he goes completely astray and obeys only those ‘middle-of-the-night’ voices that compel him to be arbitrary and do it 'his way.'" http://bit.ly/fcDLKy
All of them channeling Karl Marx actually: "Well for two years while he had control over the United States Congress he was at least pictured to be compliant with the whims of Pelosi and Reid, but secretly they also had to be in concert with whomever it is that runs his complicated mind.  (George Soros perhaps?)" ibid. http://bit.ly/fcDLKy
Impeach now. 'Acting “outside [his] constitutional authority” by “affirmatively thwarting the express will of the Congress” when he issued “an executive order promising to give (the International Monetary Fund) $140 billion for redistribution to Third World countries.”' ibid. http://bit.ly/fcDLKy


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