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Monday, January 24, 2011

United Nations policemen actually

"Sour note at Hu fete. nypost. WASHINGTON -- Chinese-born pianist Lang Lang gave a musical shout out to America-hating patriots in his homeland when he played at the White House state dinner last week."
"The song Lang played in front of Hu and President Obama includes the verse: 'When friends are here, there is fine wine/But if the jackal comes/What greets it is the hunting rifle.'" http://nyp.st/gCpALc Us "jackal"s were United Nations policemen actually. 
"There is only one solution: don’t invite nations like China to state dinners.  Those should be reserved for countries that don’t enjoy songs about killing the “jackals” of America’s armed forces." http://bit.ly/gG9DiH Particularly those of us who were enlisted in the Great Police Action under the banner of the United Nations. 
The sovereign state of Maryland had the grace to wait for seventy-four years before officially identifying the members of the Grand Army of the Republic, including my great-grandfather, not as animals, but as disadvantaged humans: as "Northern scum" and as "minions" of the "tyrant", "despot", and "Vandal", Abraham Lincoln. -"Maryland, My Maryland" - State Song lyrics http://bit.ly/eVJVIS 
I have not checked the legislative history, but Republican reaction to FDR probably joined Democratic memories of Lincoln trampling on the Constitutional rights of Marylanders and led to bi-partisan rebukes of Federal tyranny. The state flag adopted in the thirties places the state banner of the 1st Maryland Regiment, CSA, ("black and gold at the top of the pole") above the red and white state banner of the 1st Maryland Regiment, USA.


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