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Sunday, February 06, 2011

The "incredible lightness" of O:

The "incredible lightness" of O: "And someone might whisper in his ear that if you run around the world bowing deeply before foreign rulers and undermining your country's moral position and standing in the world, you cannot expect to have your imperious demands be taken seriously abroad." http://bit.ly/icWdiA
Commenter PScully17: "Zelaya broke the constitutional laws trying to run for another term, the supreme court ordered his removal by force, the legislature stood against obamas reinstatement demands, and shut off 200 mil in aid to honduras! Honduras told obama and clinton off! To get a great read on obamas hate for democracy and elections- bing search; honduras: a truth greater than fiction . - then bing search jim demint: what i learned in honduras! Obama needs to be impeached!" http://bit.ly/hox4MG
Commenter Just Wondering: "Why in the world would anyone listen to anything President Obama has to say? The man has proven beyond all reasonable doubt to be absolutely devoid of any intellectual honesty and is entirely incapable of allowing the truth about anything to pass his lips." ibid. http://bit.ly/hox4MG


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