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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lawlessness marches on:

Lawlessness marches on: 'I hear it all the time out here, "We're so lucky to live in Berkeley!  It's so tolerant here!"  And I think, tolerant of what, violence?  Sociopathy?' http://bit.ly/hnLBGl
"The fact that there were hordes of people on the street and many witnesses didn't deter the mugger in the least.  Why should the miscreant fear the sheep-like unarmed, citizens of Berkeley?" ibid. http://bit.ly/hnLBGl

"The leftists are more ruthless and rapacious than your wildest imagination.  They do not simply want your money and your property. | They desire something much more essential: your ability to fight back; the innate belief that you and I and this country are worth fighting for. | They want to crush your self-respect and dignity, to steal the virtues that are hidden deep down in your soul.  It's too late for Berkeley.  But, Wisconsin, don't give it to them." ibid. http://bit.ly/hnLBGl


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