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Monday, February 14, 2011

Our godless, lawless, narcissistic president:

Our godless, lawless, narcissistic president: "Obama's own book makes him look like an agnostic (or an atheist). He respects religion because he responds to the people who believe, and he seems oriented toward leveraging the religious beliefs of the people for worldly, political ends." http://bit.ly/eHTUyI
Commenter Gabriel: "It reminded me of what Screwtape had to say: | 'What we [devils] want, if men become Christians at all, is to keep them in the state of mind I call "Christianity And". You know—Christianity and the Crisis, Christianity and the New Psychology, Christianity and the New Order, Christianity and Faith Healing, Christianity and Psychical Research, Christianity and Vegetarianism, Christianity and Spelling Reform. If they must be Christians let them at least be Christians with a difference. Substitute for the faith itself some Fashion with a Christian colouring.'" ibid.  http://bit.ly/eHTUyI


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