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Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Pennsylvania's budget battle"

Does my brother sport a Republican red keystone lapel pin like the governor? Looks neat. "Pennsylvania's budget battle may just be beginning | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/13/2011" http://bit.ly/dGMD75
"Corbett proposed eliminating $625 million, or 52 percent of state aid, for the 18 state-supported schools" ibid.
"a stunned Pennsylvania State University president Graham Spanier laid out a bleak scenario, saying that if the budget were adopted as proposed, students could expect a tuition increase, faculty and staff layoffs, and program cutbacks." ibid.
I firmly believe that Penn State football should not be cut. The program is undoubtedly a money-maker and can be economically  justified.
It is not necessary to upset ourselves by considering the distress caused to anyone near and dear to us by such a cut.


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