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Monday, April 18, 2011

In Italy at the probable time of conception.

Blythe, the nominal father, was in Italy at the probable time of conception. "His father, William Blythe, died before Clinton was born." http://reut.rs/ectUUy
Similarly, there is no reason to have assurance that the nominal father of our current president is his natural father. Documentary evidence of exact place and date of birth and attending doctor are hidden. There are no witnesses to either the birth or to any relationship other than one of convenience between Stanley Anne Dunham and the purported father.
"Chris Ruddy is reporting in his magazine that Blythe was NOT in the country 9 months prior to Bill's birth and ONLY returned 6 MONTHS PRIOR to his birth. Virginia was asked about this and her response was Clintonesque: 'I pushed hard for an early labor'." http://bit.ly/eLnma6

"After pub of his book, Maraniss was contacted by a Louisiana family who claim one of their male relations had a love affair with a young Virginia Cassidy at the time Clinton was conceived. | The Louisiana family knew too many details about Virginia to have made up the story." ibid. http://bit.ly/eLnma6
But when Vanity Fair tracked down the midwife, she denied he was born prematurely. "Not at that weight. I remember he was a nice size baby, between eight and nine pounds". ibid. http://bit.ly/eLnma6
Tyrrell ("Boy Clinton") theorizes that "one of Virginia's family or friends at the county morgue found (Blythe who had died recently) and "married" (Virginia) to Blythe". ibid. http://bit.ly/eLnma6
I have heard it more than once, in casual conversation at these reunions, that the biological father of Bill Clinton is a doctor in town. "Everybody knows it" and "Bill Clinton looks just like him" are common statements made by my relatives. They speak of this in a way that it is just common knowledge around Hope. http://bit.ly/hdJs0P


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