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Sunday, May 08, 2011

O wilted under pressure as usual.

Actually, of course, O wilted under pressure as usual. But the adults in the administration managed to avoid complete failure. 'The Democrats' jubilation results from the fact that their guy didn't wilt under pressure, but rather lived up to the standard that George W. Bush and John McCain easily met. For this, he is called "courageous" and "gutsy."' http://bit.ly/mexmZm
"What we are currently witnessing is the strange spectacle of liberals trying to grab, for their guy, a mantle neither he nor they ever sought: cold-blooded assassin of anti-American terrorists. This has nothing to do with their true values and priorities, and everything to do with the fact that Obama's economic policies have put him in a deep hole as he seeks re-election next year" ibid. http://bit.ly/mexmZm


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