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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black is right:

Black's assessment of the actual state of the Union is the best. (best to ignore O's robo- and/or fool) babble). "During the Cold War, the United States led the triumph of democracy in Europe, South and East Asia and Latin America--yet it now no longer ranks as one the world’s better functioning democracies." http://bit.ly/gOrhV0

"None of President Obama’s aerated, flippant promises are believable in the slightest, coming from the most overzealous regulator and profligate spender in the nation's history." ibid. http://bit.ly/gOrhV0
"There was not a hint of policies to reduce oil imports, increase domestic oil production, reduce the cost of health care, cut spending (beyond a five-year freeze on 12% of budgetary outlays), pare entitlements, reform the tax system, reverse the (admitted by Obama) decline of education standards, reform the prosecutors' shooting gallery of a justice system, or grapple realistically with the debt bomb rather than just participate in a silent cabal with the European Union and Japan to devalue all of their currencies together, and thus reduce the debt (along with the net worth of all those who save or have fixed incomes)." ibid. http://bit.ly/gOrhV0
The United States is a rich country whose people are patriotic and hard-working. It is disoriented and very corrupt, and all its elites have failed. And yet it has no real rivals. ibid. http://bit.ly/gOrhV0
Europe is crumbling, even more idle and debt-ridden than the United States, and withering demographically, almost comatose after generations of paying Danegeld to the urban mobs and small farmers. Japan is a geriatric workshop; Russia is an alcohol-sodden, self-depopulating gangster-state; and India, China, Brazil, and Indonesia comprise over three billion people, more than two-thirds of whom live as they did 3,000 years ago. They are putting up good economic-growth numbers, but China’s inflation rate is now in double digits, and all of those countries are largely dysfunctional and will require decades to have any chance of seriously rivalling America. ibid. http://bit.ly/gOrhV0


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