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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Etiology of paranoid mind control delusion

Etiology of paranoid mind control delusion. | The Arizona shooter seems to have suffered from paranoia of the mind control type. It seems to me that this syndrome is more common than most realize. Its origin, I believe, is properly described as inversion of the attachment / nurturing natural emotional bonds as described in developmental psychology. 
Particularly by John Bowlby, who notes inversion, but, to my knowledge, has not explained the specific etiology of paranoid mind control. | The nurturing instinct is powerful in all, at all ages. It is so common, that, unlike sexual instincts, we do not notice it except where it is appropriate. Inadequate parents may induce, through attachment behavior, highly inappropriate nurturing sentiments in their children because of the lack of emotional nurture in their own childhoods. The child experiences this as a mysterious interference with their normal thoughts and emotions. Advertisers and politicians are adept at using attachment behavior to induce nurturing behavior, to their advantage, in an unsuspecting public. Those who have been similiarly ripped off in childhood invent theories, such as being controlled by radio receivers implanted  in teeth, to explain the phenomena and to combat the perpetrators. Such combat is generally ineffective. But can, at times, lead to assassination.


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