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Monday, January 24, 2011

Maryland flags correction

CORRECTION: Got the Calvert and Crossland banners mixed up. The Maryland flag adopted in 1904 showed the proper relation of the family crests of the father (Calvert - black and gold) and mother (Crossland - red and white - state flag of CSA regiments) of the first Lord Baltimore. The moral superiority of the Lost Cause in the eyes of the Maryland majority was shown in 1945 by the elevation of "bottony cross" of the Confederate state flag to the position of flagpole ornament above the flag. One suspects that the Crosslands were morally superior to the Calverts. This is scriptual. Father is first in honor. Mother is first in reverence. (Lev. 19:3) Ref: Flag, Maryland State http://bit.ly/esdB80


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