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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Missing cat posters illegal

Wookie still unavailable for comment. "A man was threatened with a £1,000 fine for displaying posters of his missing cat on trees and lampposts in Bedford." http://bbc.in/fmyxVV
Full disclosure: A few decades ago the counter-revolutionaries took action against the rulers of the then People's Republic of Takoma Park. "Nuke the rats!" was surreptitiously posted in protest of extreme anti-nuke and pro-rat policies. (The Soviet Union was put on notice that nuclear weapons using Takoma Park air space (space space?) to attack Washington would violate a city ordinance. Frederick County objected openly to the projected transfer of humanely trapped rats to their supposedly "rural" jurisdiction.) I surreptitiously posted notices of a Tet Offensive Victory Anniversary celebration. Used tape rather than nails and no trees. Celebration called off. A tribute to media spin. Walter Cronkite and other military experts had yanked defeat out of the jaws of victory.


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