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Monday, February 07, 2011

Infanticide marches on:

Infanticide marches on: "Using a sonogram, the abortionist guides a spinal nettle through the woman’s abdomen into the unborn child’s heart and injects poison or air to stop the baby’s heart from beating. Once the abortionist kills the baby, he leaves the woman on her own to visit her personal doctor or a hospital emergency room to have the now-dead child delivered." http://bit.ly/gWMsqP

Commenter AMPisAnglican: "Injecting air into a beating heart!?!?!? | Has anyone ever considered just how painfull “the bends” is? This can only be worse! | Words do not exist to addequately express just how horrific this is, and how evil our society has become. | Stuart has it right. God have mercy on us…" ibid. http://bit.ly/gWMsqP


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