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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Egyptian mob and world class community organizer:

Critical facts ignored by both Egyptian mob and world class community organizer: 'Wisner, speaking via videoteleconference, today said that "The Egyptian constitution is quite clear: If the presidency is vacated, then the speaker of parliament takes over and in a couple of months you have elections. Those elections would take place under the current dispositions. Those dispositions are currently unacceptable to those protesting in the streets of Cairo today."' http://abcn.ws/eoIIQP
Regrettably, it is against the rules for a community organizer to be "sensible and restrained": '"The more Egyptians hear from the outside world that the president has got to go," the more a “negative force” is created inside the country, Wisner said. "This is a time for sensible and restrained external commentary."' ibid http://abcn.ws/eoIIQP
Our president is even handed. He ignores foreign constitutions (Egyptian & Honduran, for example) as well as the one he has taken an oath to defend.


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