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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The foundation of Justice and Freedom:

The foundation of Justice and Freedom: "And the Gospel of Christ is paramount and preeminent: it is not for the state to re-write the Word of God or to impose a uniform theo-political exposition." http://bit.ly/e1EqUP
Godlessness marchrs on: "By using this term, David Cameron is following the Western zeitgeist adopted by President Obama and Secretary Clinton. It sounds enlightened, but to laud freedom of worship is to diminish freedom of religion." ibid. http://bit.ly/e1EqUP
"Freedom of worship is a definition practiced (sic) in countries influenced by Islam. You may be allowed to be a Christian, but you mustn’t take it into the public arena or share your faith with others. If you are a Muslim you are free to be a Muslim and display it publically but you can’t leave Islam." ibid http://bit.ly/e1EqUP
Nations that are closed to the proclamation of the Gospel are effectively enemies of God and of every Christian, even traditionally nominal Christians. This should be the cornerstone of the foreign policy of every nation that is in some proper sense Christian.


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