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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Several months of Mubarak essential to constitutional transition: Wisner, speaking via videoteleconference, today said that "The Egyptian constitution is quite clear: If the presidency is vacated, then the speaker of parliament takes over and in a couple of months you have elections. Those elections would take place under the current dispositions. Those dispositions are currently unacceptable to those protesting in the streets of Cairo today." http://bit.ly/f5EumK
Consequences of O's dithering, whether unintended or intended or in sheer ignorance: '"The more Egyptians hear from the outside world that the president has got to go," the more a “negative force” is created inside the country, Wisner said. "This is a time for sensible and restrained external commentary."'  http://abcn.ws/eoIIQP
2nd Witness to, media & O ignored, Egyptian constitution reality: ''“If political change is going to happen there has to be constitutional change,” says Rutherford. “The only person who can request that, and dismiss parliament, is the elected president. The system was designed to enhance Mubarak’s power.”' http://bit.ly/f5EumK


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