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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another grotesque Obama moment

Impeach now: "Another grotesque Obama moment." http://bit.ly/gYEVR4

Friday, February 25, 2011

Warmist hoax marches on.

Warmist hoax marches on. "I look forward to the expert responses below explaining why this foolish old man has got it all wrong. After all, unlike top expert Sir Paul Nurse, Professor Dyson has never even managed to win himself a Nobel Prize." http://bit.ly/gOXmyt

Let slip the dogs of impeachment:

Let slip the dogs of impeachment: "Gingrich’s comments mark the first time a significant Republican leader has raised the specter of impeachment against Obama." -Drudge siren link. http://bit.ly/hcQHaV

The way the world sees us:

The way the world sees us: "President Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like General MacArthur by comparison." http://bit.ly/iaIQad

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life goes on.

Life goes on. Despite political turmoil: "Management already told the fleebaggers yesterday that they’ll have to vacate the premises by mid-March when a dance group comes to town." http://bit.ly/eLkDvB

Gaddafi is entitled to immigrate to Israel

It's a long way to Tipperary:"If the story told by Brown and Saada is true, Gaddafi is entitled to immigrate to Israel as a Jew under Israel’s Law of Return. Even if every other country on earth refused him entry, Israel would be obligated by its own laws to take Gaddafi in." http://bit.ly/dZu0n9

"Vote Early and Often":

"Vote Early and Often": "Polls just before Election Day suggested that he would come excruciatingly close to the 50 percent he needed to avoid the runoff," the report adds. We'll bet it was the votes of the fugitive lawmakers from Wisconsin and Indiana that put him over the top. http://on.wsj.com/6wNHZV

Lawlessness marches on:

Lawlessness marches on: 'I hear it all the time out here, "We're so lucky to live in Berkeley!  It's so tolerant here!"  And I think, tolerant of what, violence?  Sociopathy?' http://bit.ly/hnLBGl
"The fact that there were hordes of people on the street and many witnesses didn't deter the mugger in the least.  Why should the miscreant fear the sheep-like unarmed, citizens of Berkeley?" ibid. http://bit.ly/hnLBGl

"The leftists are more ruthless and rapacious than your wildest imagination.  They do not simply want your money and your property. | They desire something much more essential: your ability to fight back; the innate belief that you and I and this country are worth fighting for. | They want to crush your self-respect and dignity, to steal the virtues that are hidden deep down in your soul.  It's too late for Berkeley.  But, Wisconsin, don't give it to them." ibid. http://bit.ly/hnLBGl

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All in due time:

All in due time: "No mention of an Obama organizer flag, uniform -- or salute." http://lat.ms/ha8xuw

Teacher's union insurance scam:

Teacher's union insurance scam: "Today many Wisconsin school boards consider themselves stuck with expensive WEA Trust health coverage, until state law is altered to take the identity of the insurance carrier off the collective bargaining table." http://bit.ly/ggQxdd

Freedom isn’t free

Some have to go and get shot at in foreign lands to discourage the bad guys from blowing uo our buildings & trains & people: "Congress could restrict federal funding, including student loans, from schools that continue to ban ROTC programs from campus. Freedom isn’t free, and it may be time for the anti-military bigots to learn that their position carries a price." http://bit.ly/fRz4Rk

Advice to Israel

Advice to Israel. Applicable soon to US: "We can only rely on ourselves and so we'd better strengthen ourselves as much as possible as quickly as possible in every possible way." http://bit.ly/ejrzld

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Russian more sensible than O:

Russian more sensible than O: "Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday predicted decades of instability in the Arab world if protesters whom he called fanatics come to power, adding no such scenario will be permitted at home." http://yhoo.it/fru03J

Bureaucracy marches on:

Bureaucracy marches on: '"When you somebody being robbed in front of you, you shouldn't be denying a 911 call because they're not the victim," she said. "I mean, what? The victim's supposed to have a cell phone and say, 'Oh, I'm being robbed right now."'' http://bit.ly/g5BT2g

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jihad marches on:

Jihad marches on: "You don’t rise in the armed forces if you can’t read your superiors.  And the rising officers who met Hasan knew what their superiors wanted without having to be told.  Islam was a religion of peace, and Muslims in the Army were a welcome sign of diversity. Treating Hasan as a dangerous Islamist would put those messages at risk." http://bit.ly/i8j8cl
"Off the record, it seems, everyone thought Hasan was dangerous, a nutjob, or an Islamist, and perhaps all three." ibid. http://bit.ly/i8j8cl

Tax payers vs. tax consumers:

Tax payers vs. tax consumers: "What’s happening in Madison is one front in the battle for the soul of America." http://bit.ly/egq9hA

Islam marches on:

Islam marches on: "I have had my breasts grabbed in Turkey, been chased by a gang of men while walking down the street in Morocco and generally treated like a piece of meat on a previous visit to Egypt." http://bit.ly/hkvgSG

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yuppie Revolution In Egypt Is Over

Jihad marches on: From: Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: The Yuppie Revolution In Egypt Is Over, The Islamist Revolution Has Begun http://bit.ly/hOsi9C
"Will the western media be as vigorous in exposing what is going on now in Egypt as it was in exposing the wrongs of Mubarek?  I think not, because the truth -- that the western media acted as willing dupes once again -- hits too close to home." ibid. http://bit.ly/hOsi9C

Malpractice & fraud march on:

Malpractice & fraud march on (great videos): 'Pro-Union protesters in Wisconsin directed state workers to a location where doctor's signed notes could be collected by Wisconsin union members who skipped work to protest in Madison. |  "In Mosinee, the 90 teachers out of 150 could lose a day’s pay if they don’t have a doctor’s note, but district Superintendent Jerry Rosso couldn’t give a specific dollar figure.":' http://bit.ly/i67zlQ

Jews who support O

Lower actually. Kapos were coerced (text lower cased): "well, as a 4th generation ny jew i must say that any and all jews who continue to support obama are nearly as low as jewish concentration camp kapos, imho." http://bit.ly/fB8nre

Saturday, February 19, 2011

An unbent cross brings joy

Eugene Victor Debs was wrong. It is an unbent cross that brings joy. "Let the people take heart and hope everywhere, for the cross is bending, midnight is passing, and joy cometh with the morning. http://bit.ly/fkcWQp

Let slip the dogs of political war:

Let slip the dogs of political war: "In other words, we’ve created an enormous taxpayer-funded lobby whose sole mission is to resist any effort to control government spending. As the old saying goes, we’ve seen the enemy and, while they may not be us, we are funding them. | This is why the current political fight in Wisconsin is critical." http://bit.ly/f71ouK

O's thugs imitating Egyptian thugs:

O's thugs imitating Egyptian thugs: "Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald said he decided to adjourn the Assembly this evening because Gov. Scott Walker called minutes before lawmakers took the floor to tell him to get his caucus members and staff out of the building because their safety could no longer be assured." http://bit.ly/f5nkEx
"Millions of taxpayers spoke in November and we will not let them down. We have a fiscal crisis that can’t be ignored. We have the votes to pass the bill; it is only a matter of time." ibid. http://bit.ly/f5nkEx

O's behavior much, much, much more "unacceptable"

O's behavior much, much, much more "unacceptable" impeach now: “We need to inform Robert Wirch that his hiding in Illinois is unacceptable to the voters in his district, and that we are taking the first steps to remove him from office," http://bit.ly/hcgRjF

An innate bias against the productive:

Not a stupid act, an innate bias against the productive: 'Law Professor William A. Jacobson uses language that’s as blunt as the president’s: “Obama Acted Stupidly In Picking Sides Against The Taxpayers.”' http://bit.ly/hTwcFH

Impeach O now:

Impeach O now: "Federal District Judge Martin Feldman today gave President Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar 30 days to act on five applications seeking permits to drill in the Gulf of Mexico submitted months ago by a Louisiana firm." http://bit.ly/gUpCMn

High crime and/or misdemeanor: '"it is undisputed that before the Deepwater Horizon disaster, permits were processed, on average, in two weeks’ time. In stark contrast, the five permits at issue have been pending from four to some nine months." | Virtually no new drilling has occurred in the Gulf since the Deepwater Horizon disaster, despite the fact the U.S. depends upon drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico for roughly a third of its oil and natural gas.' ibid. http://bit.ly/gUpCMn

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bureaucracy marches on:

Bureaucracy marches on: "Nationally the price of college tuition increased more than 274 percent from 1990 to 2009 -- roughly four times the rate of inflation. That's even more than the brutal rise in health costs that has touched off a near-crisis in that field." http://bit.ly/dG9gu2

Jihad marches on.

Jihad marches on. "It wasn’t celebratory that night Lara Logan was attacked. It was terrifying." http://bit.ly/gwKooC

Wisconsin teachers march on

Wisconsin teachers march on (lots of photos of interesting signs): "Update: Via Ann Althouse and Instapundit, isn’t this the kind of rhetoric the Left claimed was exclusive to the Right?" http://bit.ly/dOz30l

Actually the first thing is impeachment of our president:

Actually the first thing is impeachment of our president: "The tragedy, reader, is that any of us in 2-3 minutes can see how it could all be reversed — a full-fledged effort to develop all our energy resources, from nuclear to natural gas, radical cuts in public spending, closed borders, fiscal sanity and pay-as-you-go legislation, a return to merit instead of situational pleading. Given our wealth and talent, in four years we could balance the budget, slash energy imports, and make schools work far better with fewer dollars." http://bit.ly/ehPw2c

Common sense:

Common sense: 'The bill is not an attack on the middle class, public workers or jobs, Mike Wilson, head of the Cincinnati Tea Party, told a crowd gathered outside the Statehouse. "This bill is about math. Government has grown bigger than our taxpayers' ability to support it."' http://bit.ly/eRAIW6

Racketeer lawyers march on

Racketeer lawyers march on. "Chevron used scores of similar “Crude” outtakes as leverage to force depositions and discovery from the plaintiffs’ team. The record now recounts U.S. trial lawyers pursuing not justice for Ecuadoreans, but simply hundreds of millions of dollars in a settlement. “Crude” footage now forms a major part of the company’s RICO suit against the plaintiffs." http://bit.ly/e6UflT

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Common sense.

Common sense. "We believe in the elevation and respect of woman and we don't think that wrestling a woman is the right thing to do. Body slamming and takedowns, that full contact sport is not how to do that." http://yhoo.it/gpWn3X

O meanders on:

O meanders on: "Given the intellectual vacuity of his life so far, attending schools and working in "jobs" that did not require a single original thought, or even exercise in critical thinking, it is increasingly hard to determine whether our illustrious leader actually grasps the profound seriousness of civilized life today." http://bit.ly/gPiZP7

O marches on:

O marches on: "CBS addressed the NOAA Law Enforcement "Shredding Party" where the director of NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement shredded some 70-80% of his documents before the IG ever got to see them." http://bit.ly/e01WWV

Fruit of anti-life ideology:

Fruit of anti-life ideology: “I can tell you from experience that Planned Parenthood often turns a blind eye to sexual abuse and trafficking – what you see in Live Action’s videos is not a rare occurrence,” http://bit.ly/fy99Ym

Et tu, Washington Post! Then fall, Obama?

Et tu, Washington Post! Then fall, Obama? "But of all the reasons to build high-speed rail in the United States, keeping up with the international Joneses may be one of the worst. In fact, experience abroad has repeatedly raised questions about the cost-effectiveness of high-speed rail." http://wapo.st/hudcI8

Christie marches on:

Christie marches on: "Our country and our states are weighed down by an albatross of irresponsibility," Mr. Christie said, "that we have foisted upon ourselves as leaders and that you as citizens have permitted us to get away with." http://bit.ly/f2wywy

The robots marathon on

The robots marathon on. Video. "The robotic runners opened their training sessions to the media this week, dashing around an indoor track for a practice jog in front of the cameras." http://bit.ly/fK4KBJ

Reality imitates science-fiction:

Reality imitates science-fiction: 'Japan's space agency JAXA announced this week that it is looking at a plan to send a humanoid robot to the space station in 2013 that could communicate with the ground through Twitter -- primarily feeding photos, rather than original ideas -- and provide astronauts with "comfort and companionship."' http://yhoo.it/gQ9lfU

Global execution squad:

Global execution squad: "It was an ordinary-looking room located in an office building in Northern Virginia. The place was filled with computer monitors, keyboards, and maps. Someone sat at a desk with his hand on a joystick. John A. Rizzo, who was serving as the CIA's acting general counsel, hovered nearby, along with other people from the agency. Together they watched images on a screen that showed a man and his family traveling down a road thousands of miles away. The vehicle slowed down, and the man climbed out.
A moment later, an explosion filled the screen, and the man was dead. "It was very businesslike," says Rizzo. An aerial drone had killed the man, a high-level terrorism suspect, after he had gotten out of the vehicle, while members of his family were spared." http://bit.ly/evVXIh

Cranmer seal of approval on great video.

Cranmer seal of approval on great video. "Is it not a cause of great rejoicing that this brilliant Harvard scholar is advising Michael Gove on reforms to the history curriculum? The Guardian, naturally, thinks not. And it is exceedingly unlikely that he will ever be asked back by MSNBC." http://bit.ly/dFHvqJ

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Really big NJ star truth teller auditions in DC:

Really big NJ star truth teller auditions in DC: “What game is being played here is irresponsible and it’s dangerous,” he told a packed house at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “We are on the path to ruin.” http://on.wsj.com/idMbzg
“We hare going to have to raise the retirement age,” he said. “Uh oh. I said it, and I’m still here. I am not vaporized into the carpet.” ibid http://on.wsj.com/idMbzg

Educationists march on:

Educationists march on: "Teachers and students in Wisconsin are protesting Governor Scott Walker's budget bill. But it's not a mark of democracy: instead, teachers have been taking kids out of school to march on the Capitol in Madison. It's being called a "sickout" -- and it's illegal." http://bit.ly/dNGCsl

The enemies of the false self:

Ad libs are often the enemies of the false self: "I should have written all this down, Jackie -- I'm running out of room here in my brain." http://usat.ly/hKwISR

O cover-ups march on:

O cover-ups march on: "The Obama White House won’t be sending a witness to defend the economic-stimulus package before a House Oversight Committee panel Wednesday." http://on.wsj.com/gEQOLf

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! "We're getting further in debt ... because of our interest rate," | "What I said was we're going to stop adding to the debt. Our spending will not add to the debt," [N.B. Just spending on interest on the debt] | "It's an accurate statement." http://fxn.ws/gQCUCt

The false life story of a false self:

The false life story of a false self: "In fact, much of Obama’s life story appears to be a wholly constructed fabrication, one that Jack Cashill “deconstructs” to show the world just who Barack Obama really is." http://amzn.to/eFgd97

O votes present on budget:

O votes present on budget: "Hosni Mubarak was more in touch with reality last Thursday night." http://on.wsj.com/gyVyCo

The SS marches on:

The SS marches on: "Especially in the SS: on Himmler’s orders, they ate nothing but “organic food”. Mm. Healthy! And so good for nature!" http://bit.ly/fNytAV

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Et tu, Andrew Sullivan! Then fall, Obama?

Et tu, Andrew Sullivan! Then fall, Obama? "To all those under 30 who worked so hard to get this man elected, know this: he just screwed you over. He thinks you're fools. Either the US will go into default because of Obama's cowardice, or you will be paying far far more for far far less because this president has no courage when it counts. He let you down. On the critical issue of America's fiscal crisis, he represents no hope and no change. Just the same old Washington politics he once promised to end." http://bit.ly/i3zGf8

Monday, February 14, 2011

Et tu, Ariana! Then fall Obama?

Et tu, Ariana! Then fall Obama? "the most eye-opening part of their chat might have been what Huffington didn’t say – namely, that she wouldn’t rule out voting for someone other than Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election." http://bit.ly/dYPNZa

Tipping point ahead:

Tipping point ahead: "Lenin said there are decades where nothing happens, then there are weeks where decades happen. We are heading into months where decades are going to happen. http://bit.ly/hE2LNX

US Government prevaricates on:

US Government prevaricates on: "It has now become quite common to hear U.S. officials confidently assert that 90 percent of the weapons used by the Mexican drug cartels come from the United States. However, a close examination of the dynamics of the cartel wars in Mexico — and of how the oft-echoed 90 percent number was reached — clearly demonstrates that the number is more political rhetoric than empirical fact." http://bit.ly/fyy4Yt
almost 90 percent of the guns seized in Mexico in 2008 were not traced back to the United States. http://bit.ly/fyy4Yt

Jihad marches on:

Jihad marches on: "The larger issue here is the nature of the people Obama has appointed to these sensitive positions, so crucial to our national safety." http://nyp.st/epVHdh

Our godless, lawless, narcissistic president:

Our godless, lawless, narcissistic president: "Obama's own book makes him look like an agnostic (or an atheist). He respects religion because he responds to the people who believe, and he seems oriented toward leveraging the religious beliefs of the people for worldly, political ends." http://bit.ly/eHTUyI
Commenter Gabriel: "It reminded me of what Screwtape had to say: | 'What we [devils] want, if men become Christians at all, is to keep them in the state of mind I call "Christianity And". You know—Christianity and the Crisis, Christianity and the New Psychology, Christianity and the New Order, Christianity and Faith Healing, Christianity and Psychical Research, Christianity and Vegetarianism, Christianity and Spelling Reform. If they must be Christians let them at least be Christians with a difference. Substitute for the faith itself some Fashion with a Christian colouring.'" ibid.  http://bit.ly/eHTUyI

Question from evil racist:

Question from evil racist: "Could Barack have been elected president without the doctrine known as Political Correctness?" http://bit.ly/eYBBBr
"According to Occam’s Razor, the likeliest explanation is that, whatever his IQ, Barack is, on a practical, real-world level—a staggering cretin. [...] How was one elected with all the fanfare of a Heisman winner, yet be such a zero? This can really only be explained by pointing out that Obama’s instinct for incompetence was masked by his lack of real leadership experience, which would have exposed his tragic instincts." ibid. http://bit.ly/eYBBBr

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jihad marches on:

Jihad marches on: "The president of the United States ducked the question on whether the Muslim Brotherhood should be running Egypt," Pawlenty said on ABC's "This Week." "And I’m telling you they should not be running Egypt." http://politi.co/gkjmON

Biden's Amtrak Grand Canyon Jump

"Well, let me tell you something Mister and Mrs. John Q. America, we've had our Sputnik moment wake up call and we've stopped hitting the snooze button. When I go flying up that ramp and across that canyon on March 6, dangerous crosswinds permitting, it will send a message loud and clear to the Japanese and Uzbeks and Cameroons - it is on, amigo." http://bit.ly/icjReH

Email to Time magazine:

Email to Time magazine: "Then, Time needs to run an apology to Christina along with the retraction. (Add Hannity in your apology, too...those good folks don't deserve to be in a caustic, untrue story about me.) Thanks much - keep up the great work, Time Magazine." http://bit.ly/gkNBE9

Happy warriors:

Happy warriors: "The dominant impressions had nothing to do with the merits of individual candidates: the tremendous vigor and energy we are seeing in the conservative movement; the influx of a new generation of freedom-loving, highly talented youngsters; and a pervasive sense of confidence and good humor. We've had three-day periods when we've laughed more, but not many." http://bit.ly/furEcB

Politicly correct idiocy:

Politicly correct idiocy: “This is the director of intelligence of the global superpower and he is going on one of the most historic days in the Middle East– he is going around the world announcing that the guy in charge of U.S. intelligence is an idiot,” http://bit.ly/eWMI5G

The election of an empty suit:

The election of an empty suit: "Onto the blank screen an image of Abraham Lincoln could be projected. If someone preferred FDR, no problem -- the screen was seemingly blank and the suit empty." http://bit.ly/ezUTop
A nation of the indolent, educated and informed by credentialed fools: "As a new president, Mr. Obama thought he could talk about spending cuts and "fiscal responsibility summits" while simultaneously burying the country in unprecedented debt and federal bureaucracy. | Even more shocking is the fact that Obama continues to believe he can use doubletalk and smoke and mirrors." http://bit.ly/ezUTop

Saturday, February 12, 2011

British politics from a straight shooter:

British politics from a straight shooter: "In short, it is by no means clear that Britain could walk out of the Council of Europe without also leaving the EU, a prospect which scares most of our politicians witless. For the country at large, however, leaving the EU would be a delicious bonus." http://bit.ly/fZmTH4

Through the eyes of another

Reading enables us to see through the eyes of another: "At that moment the door opened. Standing there in white shirt, beige slacks—with a peach complexion, light-brown hair, and the most incredible face ever seen by man—was Greta Garbo. I almost gasped out loud as Cole introduced me to her. No make-up—unmatched beauty. It was the only time I saw her at anything but a distance." http://bit.ly/f90KlY

George Jean Nathan

Better than Polonius: "My code of life and conduct is simply this: work hard, play to the allowable limit, disregard equally the good and bad opinion of others, never do a friend a dirty trick, eat and drink what you feel like when you feel like, never grow indignant over anything, trust to tobacco for calm and serenity, bathe twice a day . . ." http://bit.ly/hUx2WS
"learn to play at least one musical instrument and then play it only in private, never allow one's self even a passing thought of death, never contradict anyone or seek to prove anything to anyone unless one gets paid for it in cold, hard coin, live the moment to the utmost of its possibilities, treat one's enemies with polite inconsideration, avoid persons who are chronically in need, and be satisfied with life always but never with one's self." "I drink to make other people interesting." ibid. http://bit.ly/hUx2WS

Egypt's prognosis dismal.

Egypt's prognosis dismal. "Optimism is cowardice. Memo to the temporary residents of Tahrir Square: pray for rain in China." http://bit.ly/erieJ6

Do not diss the birthers

'"I’m not one who questions the existence of the president’s birth certificate," Pawlenty said.' http://bit.ly/hioWuc Better to say "publicly questions". The governor of Hawaii attempted without success to find a proper birth certificate for our president.  That is, a certificate with details that can be proved true or false: precise location, identity of those providing professional assistance, etc. Do not diss the birthers.
Informed, fact filled, theories about O's origins: Jack Cashill: "A Further Inquiry Into Obama’s Origins" http://bit.ly/g1Vel6
My favorite conjecture. A sometimes necessary and not too difficult part of falsifying paternity: 'Obama biographer Christopher Andersen, however, reports that Ann told the Dunhams of her pregnancy in "late October."  Presuming a missed period as first alarm, this would put conception in early September--before Ann would have met Barack Sr. This earlier conception date better explains both why Ann did not enroll for the second semester and how she was able to leave by mid-August for Seattle. If all this is true, however, it presumes active date manipulation' ibid. http://bit.ly/g1Vel6

Evil & stupidity

More truth than poetry: "The Obama regime is now the unsurpassed and most bizarre combination of outward stupidity and hidden (by the media and others) pure evil intent ever to rule over the citizens of the United States of America." http://bit.ly/elB7xy

Friday, February 11, 2011

O's biographic lie marches on:

O's biographic lie marches on: "Whether he was born in Hawaii or in Washington State -- or wherever -- we know that he did not spend the first two years of his life in a happy, little multicultural home in Hawaii as advertised.  He ascended to the presidency on a fully fabricated origins story." http://bit.ly/dKaXsa

O's free makeover of Muslim Brotherhood

O marches on: "Unsavoury organisations usually pay large amounts of money to glitzy PR firms to improve their public image. In the case of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood however, the Obama administration has offered its services for free." http://bit.ly/eBvc1M

“perhaps the stupidest statement made by any administration in U.S. international history.” “willful stupidity” ibid. http://bit.ly/eBvc1M

Ideology over reality

O marches on. "In choosing ideology over reality, the Obama administration has induced a situation where rather than construct policies to deal with reality, at all levels, US officials have been charged with constructing policies to deny and ignore reality." http://bit.ly/dLOw6Y

God rejected & reviled

"the real problem is that the ethic revealed in the Bible is both rejected and reviled." http://bit.ly/hAA6t2 And the God revealed in the Bible is both rejected and reviled. As the four gospel accounts of the Crucifixion tell us plainly.

To Egypt blogger SandMonkey

To Egypt blogger SandMonkey (attempting to post as comment at   Rantings of a Sandmonkey » Mubarak’s gamble http://bit.ly/e55NLM ): "Congratulations for surviving. I was worried. Did not want to lose your excellent reporting. :-) You helped clue me in to the logic in your constitution that explains Mubarik's attempt to meet the demands for election reform by staying in office."
"We in the US are experiencing a leader who does not believe in constitutions: Egyptian, Honduran, and the one he has sworn to defend.
"Keep your head down. Keep reporting, but stay safe. I am a Korean and cold war veteran and appreciate the military, but they can be severe when crossed."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Disolute false Drudge icon

I do not beilieve that the pot smoking disolute young person who serves as Matt Drudge's Twitter icon is actually Matt Drudge. | Twitter http://bit.ly/gDBvFU

Channeled despair over sucessor

"[A] breath of despair [is] brooding over His Grace’s ashes": "[W]hy, O why are bishops and archbishops so pathologically inclined to the left and congenitally disposed to believe that all that comes out of Strasbourg is divine writ? http://bit.ly/h6Afrd

O & media ignore constitutions

BBC via sandmonkey twitter source. Reasonable way to constitutionally resolve crisis. O & media ignore constitutions, Houduran, Egyptian, and the one O has sworn to defend: "I believe Mubarak'll issue a statement today or tomorrow to delegate his powers to VP" http://bit.ly/hcqhAb http://twitter.com/sandmonkey
Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter http://bit.ly/fFLQE1

Saudis to the rescue

Interesting. More honesty, decency, loyalty, and common sense from the King of Saudi Arabia than from our president. "In a testy personal telephone call on January 29, King Abdullah told President Obama not to humiliate Mr Mubarak and warned that he would step in to bankroll Egypt if the US withdrew its aid programme, worth $1.5 billion annually. http://thetim.es/fNH3gV
America’s closest ally in the Gulf made clear that the Egyptian President must be allowed to stay on to oversee the transition towards peaceful democracy and then leave with dignity." ibid. http://thetim.es/fNH3gV

O'Reilly softballs O:

O'Reilly softballs O: "Hey Bill, you know what any responsible interviewer does with that exchange? He follows it up with the bottom-line question: Mr. President, will you unconditionally condemn the Muslim Brotherhood for the historically virulent terrorist organization it is, or not?" http://bit.ly/dVXjBU

Neat summary:

Neat summary: "He has repeatedly shown that he cannot deal with, and will never be able to shoulder responsibility, as he is at his core self-absorbed, dishonest, and without coherence in his personal beliefs and convictions, thus putting the United States into long-term economic and international peril." http://bit.ly/h8kQGz
Read the whole article: "We sat there for two hours or more, the daughter of slaves and a displaced orphan from across the ocean, bound together by past life experiences but optimistic about the future." ibid. http://bit.ly/h8kQGz

Hard times ahead

Hard times ahead for US unemployed, starvation elsewhere: "The price of corn, which has doubled over the past six months, affects most food products in supermarkets. It's used to feed the cattle, hogs and chickens that fill the meat aisles." http://bit.ly/eqAIp8
"Shoppers could see higher grocery bills as early as three months from now, though most of the impact won't be felt for another six months" ibid. http://bit.ly/eqAIp8

Biracial democracy?

Both true. 'One side holds that it shows Lincoln could not envision a biracial democracy, while the other stance [...] says Lincoln’s public actions were “the way to sugarcoat the emancipation pill”' http://bit.ly/g2NiQR
Multi-cultural democracy is near impossible. Common purposes are required for unity. Local democracy and authority also necessary to avoid bureaucracy. The Irish Republic was the result of the failure of bi-cultural democracy.
The US today is bi-cultural. The silent majority hold traditional values. The elites value complaints against Providence.

21st century slavery:

Interesting comment on 21st century slavery: "An African-American lawmaker in South Carolina said Tuesday that stricter illegal immigration laws would hurt the state because blacks and whites don't work as hard as Hispanics." http://yhoo.it/fH3XpX

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

O owes the world an apology for childish dithering:

O owes the world an apology for childish dithering: "But the improvisational — critics say closer to schizophrenic — nature of U.S. diplomacy during the crisis leaves the administration in the unwelcome position of having to make amends with whichever side emerges from the Egyptian tumult as the governing power." http://politi.co/eiqXdc

The foundation of Justice and Freedom:

The foundation of Justice and Freedom: "And the Gospel of Christ is paramount and preeminent: it is not for the state to re-write the Word of God or to impose a uniform theo-political exposition." http://bit.ly/e1EqUP
Godlessness marchrs on: "By using this term, David Cameron is following the Western zeitgeist adopted by President Obama and Secretary Clinton. It sounds enlightened, but to laud freedom of worship is to diminish freedom of religion." ibid. http://bit.ly/e1EqUP
"Freedom of worship is a definition practiced (sic) in countries influenced by Islam. You may be allowed to be a Christian, but you mustn’t take it into the public arena or share your faith with others. If you are a Muslim you are free to be a Muslim and display it publically but you can’t leave Islam." ibid http://bit.ly/e1EqUP
Nations that are closed to the proclamation of the Gospel are effectively enemies of God and of every Christian, even traditionally nominal Christians. This should be the cornerstone of the foreign policy of every nation that is in some proper sense Christian.

Lockstep liberal academia marches on:

Lockstep liberal academia marches on: "Dr. Haidt estimated that liberals made up 80 percent of the 1,000 psychologists in the ballroom. When he asked for centrists and libertarians, he spotted fewer than three dozen hands. And then, when he asked for conservatives, he counted a grand total of three." http://bit.ly/hzX6FQ
"It would be interesting to understand why such bias exists (especially in economics where my bias tells me that it doesn’t make sense!). Also, does evidence of bias make it go away?" ibid. http://bit.ly/hzX6FQ

Next wake up US

Good. Next wake up US & subdue the subversives: "Multiculturalism has gone from universal piety to subversive nonsense in the blink of a European eye" http://bit.ly/fmH3p9

Organization of the Egyptian community marches on:

Organization of the Egyptian community marches on: "The White House said Wednesday that Egypt's government had not even met a minimum threshold of reforms demanded by the people of the country and warned that massive protests will continue until changes are made." http://yhoo.it/gcOGSe

A "light brigade" of youthful inexperience:

A "light brigade" of youthful inexperience: "The opposition shrugged off remarks by Vice President Omar Suleiman, published Wednesday, in which he urged them to participate in talks, saying the alternative is chaos, which he said the government couldn't allow." http://on.wsj.com/faAgF4

Even more anti-humanity than O

Jihad marches on. (Even more anti-humanity than O) 'The ISI's "War Ministry" called on Egyptians to free more prisoners. "Don't rest until you have rescued them all, then destroy them (the prisons) with the aid of God, so that not a single stone remains standing,"' http://bit.ly/frpTaR

Thomas Sowell, spot on,

Thomas Sowell, spot on, as usual: "by the time it reaches the Supreme Court, Obama may have put more of his appointees there-- and, if so, they will probably rubberstamp anything he does. He would therefore have done a complete end-run around the Constitution and be well on his way to becoming the Hugo Chavez of North America." http://bit.ly/ijkz6Y

Only two passenger rail lines cover costs

O ignores high speed rail facts: "Only two rail corridors in the world – France's Paris to Lyon line and Japan's Tokyo to Osaka line – cover their costs, says Ken Button, director of the Center for Transportation Policy at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. http://yhoo.it/hu3tLv
“Both of these are the perfect distance for high-speed rail, connect cities over flat terrain with huge populations that have great public transportation to get riders to the railway,” ibid. http://yhoo.it/hu3tLv

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Government marches on:

Government marches on: "It’s win-win all the way around for everyone but taxpayers and small operators in licensed markets." http://bit.ly/ex1G9v

Egyptian mob and world class community organizer:

Critical facts ignored by both Egyptian mob and world class community organizer: 'Wisner, speaking via videoteleconference, today said that "The Egyptian constitution is quite clear: If the presidency is vacated, then the speaker of parliament takes over and in a couple of months you have elections. Those elections would take place under the current dispositions. Those dispositions are currently unacceptable to those protesting in the streets of Cairo today."' http://abcn.ws/eoIIQP
Regrettably, it is against the rules for a community organizer to be "sensible and restrained": '"The more Egyptians hear from the outside world that the president has got to go," the more a “negative force” is created inside the country, Wisner said. "This is a time for sensible and restrained external commentary."' ibid http://abcn.ws/eoIIQP
Our president is even handed. He ignores foreign constitutions (Egyptian & Honduran, for example) as well as the one he has taken an oath to defend.

Several months of Mubarak essential to constitutional transition: Wisner, speaking via videoteleconference, today said that "The Egyptian constitution is quite clear: If the presidency is vacated, then the speaker of parliament takes over and in a couple of months you have elections. Those elections would take place under the current dispositions. Those dispositions are currently unacceptable to those protesting in the streets of Cairo today." http://bit.ly/f5EumK
Consequences of O's dithering, whether unintended or intended or in sheer ignorance: '"The more Egyptians hear from the outside world that the president has got to go," the more a “negative force” is created inside the country, Wisner said. "This is a time for sensible and restrained external commentary."'  http://abcn.ws/eoIIQP
2nd Witness to, media & O ignored, Egyptian constitution reality: ''“If political change is going to happen there has to be constitutional change,” says Rutherford. “The only person who can request that, and dismiss parliament, is the elected president. The system was designed to enhance Mubarak’s power.”' http://bit.ly/f5EumK

Monday, February 07, 2011

"Government is the problem"

Even more true today: "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." http://bit.ly/f9vPFc

Reverse-profiling marches on:

Reverse-profiling marches on: "All three major domestic terror attacks of 2009 were directly enabled by Obama's reverse-profiling orders, exempting Muslims from scrutiny." http://bit.ly/fqBfSO
Spin & cover-up march on. "Hasan was not hiding the fact that he was likely to go beyond just saying nasty things, but the Senate report can't be bothered to clarify what the First Amendment actually requires." ibid. http://bit.ly/fqBfSO

Obama dithers on.

Obama dithers on. "Flexibility can be advantageous in international relations, but there comes a time when it starts to look like dithering. So it is in the US, where the official position on the Egypt uprising has been changing almost daily." http://bit.ly/gegKyJ

Jihad marches on.

Jihad marches on. "[O's] administration, while slashing aid to Egyptian human rights groups, actually courted the Muslim Brotherhood and invited members to attend his Cairo Speech.  The engagement (and empowerment) has continued apace." http://bit.ly/gANp1G

Obamacare marches on:

Obamacare marches on: "All claims made for it were false. It will add trillions to the federal deficit. It will lead to a de facto government takeover of health care faster than most people realize," http://on.wsj.com/g2UboJ

Infanticide marches on:

Infanticide marches on: "Using a sonogram, the abortionist guides a spinal nettle through the woman’s abdomen into the unborn child’s heart and injects poison or air to stop the baby’s heart from beating. Once the abortionist kills the baby, he leaves the woman on her own to visit her personal doctor or a hospital emergency room to have the now-dead child delivered." http://bit.ly/gWMsqP

Commenter AMPisAnglican: "Injecting air into a beating heart!?!?!? | Has anyone ever considered just how painfull “the bends” is? This can only be worse! | Words do not exist to addequately express just how horrific this is, and how evil our society has become. | Stuart has it right. God have mercy on us…" ibid. http://bit.ly/gWMsqP

Well deserved accolade:

Well deserved accolade: "The question is, will Jefferts Schori – in just one year- manage to accomplish for Obama what she has wrought in four in the Anglican Communion: schism, mayhem, blight, litigation and omnipresent lamentation?" http://bit.ly/fW1Brr

Sunday, February 06, 2011

The "incredible lightness" of O:

The "incredible lightness" of O: "And someone might whisper in his ear that if you run around the world bowing deeply before foreign rulers and undermining your country's moral position and standing in the world, you cannot expect to have your imperious demands be taken seriously abroad." http://bit.ly/icWdiA
Commenter PScully17: "Zelaya broke the constitutional laws trying to run for another term, the supreme court ordered his removal by force, the legislature stood against obamas reinstatement demands, and shut off 200 mil in aid to honduras! Honduras told obama and clinton off! To get a great read on obamas hate for democracy and elections- bing search; honduras: a truth greater than fiction . - then bing search jim demint: what i learned in honduras! Obama needs to be impeached!" http://bit.ly/hox4MG
Commenter Just Wondering: "Why in the world would anyone listen to anything President Obama has to say? The man has proven beyond all reasonable doubt to be absolutely devoid of any intellectual honesty and is entirely incapable of allowing the truth about anything to pass his lips." ibid. http://bit.ly/hox4MG

A wise democrat:

A wise democrat: "Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the Government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct which strengthens the bonds of common brotherhood.” http://bit.ly/h1d6kU

Not mastering English is a handicap

European common sense. Where are our educators? '"Today in France, not mastering English is a handicap," he told French television. "We know the earlier you start learning English, the easier it is to pick up other languages when young. This idea is not to the detriment of other languages; however, English is a priority."' http://lat.ms/i2wwst

Saturday, February 05, 2011

What O should have said earlier.

What O should have said earlier. Youth have even less idea than the rest of us of what is going on in our fast changing age. "Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak "must stay in office" during a power transition, a US special envoy says. Frank Wisner was speaking as protesters kept up their demands for Mr Mubarak to step down immediately."  http://bbc.in/eVjvw6

Dependency on big government marches on:

Dependency on big government marches on: "When Black History Month was celebrated in 1950, according to State University of New York research, 77.7 percent of black families had two parents. As of January 2010, according to the Census Bureau, the share of two-parent families among African Americans had fallen to 38 percent." http://wapo.st/hDJxOy

British government talking sense:

British government talking sense: 'The Prime Minister’s speech was among the most important of his premiership so far, dealing with a subject critical to British national security, as well as the future of Britain as a free nation. It was a powerful condemnation of a deadly Islamist ideology that threatens the very fabric of British society, as well as a wholehearted rejection of “the doctrine of state multiculturalism.”' http://bit.ly/ieynGo

"Let your eye be single":

"Let your eye be single": "I realized that the darkness I felt when I was depressed and angry, during those weeks I had pushed God away, was much darker than blind eyes. Turning away from him had felt so dark, and so empty." http://bit.ly/e5X1ZX

The lunatic who thinks he is Obama

Wikileaks affirms the big picture: "Napoleon was a lunatic who thought he was Napoleon, and the joke applies to the 44th United States president with a vengeance. What doesn't the president know, and when didn't he know it? American foreign policy turned delusional when Barack Obama took office" http://bit.ly/hwC4rM

Friday, February 04, 2011

Exploring emptiness:

The hollow O marches on: Exploring emptiness: "Instead, all he had to offer was just a bunch of empty promises.  It is almost as if Obama believes that a really good inspirational speech will somehow make things better.  The following are just a few of the empty promises Obama made during his address to the nation...." http://bit.ly/fPS19g

View from Jerusalem:

View from Jerusalem: "There is no doubt that something fundamental about the American Administration has changed. The US conduct in the Middle East attests to inexperience and lack of familiarity with the region. It appears as though the world is being led by a rookie." http://bit.ly/exVuWe

Egyptian blogger marches on:

http://twitter.com/Sandmonkey Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey marches (& twitters) on (latest on top): "Please don't respond to my phone or BBM. This isn't me. My phone was confiscated by a thug of an officer who insults those who call. | I am humbled by you all. Thank you so much. I am trying to get a decent computer to write it all. | will tell the story later . Thank you all. I just need to rest now. #jan25 | I am ok. I got out. I was ambushed & beaten by the police, my phone confiscated , my car ripped apar& supplies taken #jan25 |  ahmada2 @Sandmonkey it's open. Kasr el Nile or talaat harb. | http://youtu.be/o7d8HGDEGpU watch this | Either way, I am heading there with medical supplies. They better not block my entrance. #jan25 | I hear reports of Army evacuating the Square from Protesters. Is this true? #jan25  | tamersalama Mirror http://t.co/qR0LDbx “@Sandmonkey: http://t.co/7gVeHNE Read and Retweet please!” |  RamyYaacoub  One of #Egypt 's top bloggers & activists speaks out "Egypt Now!", read and retweet! http://bit.ly/fSIkE2 via @SandMonkey #Jan25 | http://www.sandmonkey.org/2011/02/03/egypt-right-now/ Read and Retweet please!"
SandMonkey - Egypt, right now! - Google Docs "This is a losing battle and they have all the weapons, but we will continue fighting until we can't. I am heading to Tahrir right now with supplies for the hundreds injured, knowing that today the attacks will intensify, because they can't allow us to stay there come Friday, which is supposed to be the game changer. " http://bit.ly/gDFkA7

Species of political animals

More truth than poetry: "Conservatives and liberals are so different as to be drawn from distinct species of political animals. To me, the conservative always has appeared to be some form of mammal. The liberal is reptilian." http://bit.ly/fgfwmQ

Thursday, February 03, 2011

World economic debacle marches on:

World economic debacle marches on: "Poor people in developing countries spend between 50 and 80 percent of their income on food, making higher prices, as well as unpredictable prices, a serious threat to their ability to eat," http://bit.ly/eFlzmW

Vice president of Egypt explaining

Watching vice president of Egypt explaining, in government media interview, the official response to current chaos. Will amend constitution for fairer elections, etc. | Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now - Al Jazeera English http://bit.ly/egMfA8

Chicago's answer to The Onion:

For the university person, Chicago's answer to The Onion: "Rumors are circulating that if Emanuel is elected to host America’s most popular talk show, audience members could go home with seats in the Illinois legislature." http://bit.ly/hnsXTT

Be very afraid.

Be very afraid. "At the Davos World Economic Forum, former treasury secretary Robert Rubin, talks crazy scary talk that nutcase goldbugs have been warning for years, but never mind them, mind him." http://bit.ly/fhhFhy

Important & timely truths:

His Grace reminds us of important & timely truths: "For Israel, the refrain ‘You were slaves in Egypt’ became an everlasting leitmotif which yielded humility, obedience, gratitude and social relationship." http://bit.ly/8iy9lp

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Sir Winston Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, FRS, PC (Can). (Prime Minister 1940-1945, 1951-1955) ibid. http://bit.ly/8iy9lp

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

She drives liberals totally crazy

More truth than poetry: "Because of all the many qualities Sarah Palin has, the best of all is this: She drives liberals totally crazy." http://bit.ly/iie6uM

Common sense from Dick Morris:

Common sense from Dick Morris: "How much damage can one misguided American president do? We are about to find out!" http://bit.ly/i2y41r

Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey tweets on: "BloggerSeif  :'( omg I have someones child, I have a child. 2 yrs max, green eyes, says his name mahmoud. Tweet it for me about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Retweeted by Sandmonkey and 100+ others | The one good thing about all this is that it's exposing to us the idiots amongst our friends. Unfollow and unfriend very quickly. #jan25 about 3 hours ago via web" http://bit.ly/iih2XM

"weam_wewe Dear mubarak .. I admit u succeeded a lot of ignorants who want to keep their current situation but never run out of hashish.. via Twitter for BlackBerry® Retweeted by Sandmonkey and 13 others | The Girl on Mehwar is beautiful. So emotional. Propaganda at its best. #jan25 via web | Mehwar is claiming protesters are trained in the US by Jews . NICE! #JAN25 via web"  ibid. http://bit.ly/iih2XM
"sfadhl  @Sandmonkey #Egypt Any doctors close to Al Tahrir square, please step in if willing to save our young men and women. via web in reply to Sandmonkey Retweeted by Sandmonkey and 63 others | The purpose behind today's clashes : "The Army is calling on protesters to go and stay home for Egypt's security." #jan25 via web" ibid. http://bit.ly/iih2XM

Major tactical error revealed:

Major tactical error revealed: "Mr. Adly then gave a sweeping order to pull all police from the streets, from lowly traffic monitors, to prison guards, to the vast armies of truncheon-wielding riot police that had been a ubiquitous presence around Egypt for decades." http://on.wsj.com/hgmQ2V

Useful idiots

Unwitting maybe, but godless traitors in effect. "Busi­nessmen who talk this way are unwitting pup­pets of the intellectual forces that have been undermining the basis of a free society these past decades." http://bit.ly/gxbpYV

Palin amendment to Koko:

Koko's list was not an actual hit list, just wishful and fanciful thinking. He was wisely restricted from beheading anyone.
Actual Palin amendment to Koko: 'Listing off those people whom he intends to behead, the singer in the Missoula production noted, “that crazy Sarah Palin needs a psychoanalyst / She never would be missed, no she never would be missed.”' (A bit off target. Palin's attackers look on her as evil and/or ignorant. Not certifiable as far as I know.) http://bit.ly/g4i9Fe
Koko wisely avoided names in the original: "There's the pestilential nuisances who write for autographs — / All people who have flabby hands and irritating laughs — / All children who are up in dates, and floor you with 'em flat — / All persons who in shaking hands, shake hands with you like that — / And all third persons who on spoiling tête-á-têtes insist — / They'd none of 'em be missed — they'd none of 'em be missed!" http://bit.ly/eMFjF0
Letting the audience choose appropriate statesmen: "And apologetic statesmen of a compromising kind, / Such as — What d'ye call him — Thing'em-bob, and likewise — Never-mind, / And 'St— 'st— 'st— and What's-his-name, and also You-know-who — / The task of filling up the blanks I'd rather leave to you. / But it really doesn't matter whom you put upon the list, / For they'd none of 'em be missed — they'd none of 'em be missed! ibid. http://bit.ly/eMFjF0

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sandmonkey loves America

Actually if we do not put the interests of humanity ahead of enlightenment principles, those principles will be lost. Tweet from blogger Sandmonkey in Egypt: "dear America, I love you. Stick to your principles over your interests" http://bit.ly/iih2XM

Walter E. Williams hits the target:

Walter E. Williams hits the target: "The public education establishment bears part of the responsibility for this disaster, but a greater portion is borne by black students and their parents," http://bit.ly/dZ24EL
"The sorry and tragic state of black education is not going to be turned around until there's a change in what's acceptable and unacceptable behavior by young people. The bulk of that change has to come from within the black community." ibid. http://bit.ly/dZ24EL

Coulter explains scope of decision:

Constitutional lawyer Ann Coulter explains scope of decision: "“By the way, if this is constitutional, then Republicans should turn around and mandate all citizens be forced to purchase a gun and a Bible. And, there’s a lot more evidence that owning a gun and a Bible is better for society than everyone having to own health insurance." http://bit.ly/eTLTvY

No US strength and purpose

Rather obvious situation. No US strength and purpose to deal with it. "Note that a recent Pew poll of the Egyptian public disclosed that they preferred “Islamists” over “modernizers” by 59 percent to 27 percent (cited by Barry Rubin at the Gloria Center website). Instant democracy, anyone?" http://bit.ly/gWiooX
It begins. “Everyone grasps the message: America’s word is worthless; an alliance with America is unreliable; American has lost it. A result of this understanding will be a turn toward China, Russia and regional powers such as Iran, Turkey and Brazil. The second result of this insight will be a series of international conflagrations that will result from the loss of America’s deterrent power.” ibid. http://bit.ly/fb0hy4

Rejecting O's leviathan.

Rejecting the hideous strength of O's leviathan. "Judge Vinson's 78-page ruling in favor of 26 states and the National Federation of Independent Business, among others, is by far the best legal vindication to date of Constitutional principles that form the outer boundaries of federal power." http://on.wsj.com/eRkMW5

Islam breeds fratricide and tyranny.

Islam is the enemy of humanity. It breeds fratricide and tyranny. "The Muslim Brotherhood is our enemy, and whatever role it plays in Egypt‘s future will be to our detriment." http://bit.ly/h81AoJ

O marches on.

O marches on. "Forget its talking points. Instead, simply witness for yourself the outrageous way the White House protects its best friends from Obamacare." http://bit.ly/eq0juH